What is SMS Spoofing?

SMS Spoofing allows you to change the name or number text messages appear to come from.


The Story Behind SMSspoofing.com

SMSspoofing.com initially was a service that launched in August 2005 allowing users to spoof SMS text messages. However, the service only lasted a few days due to legal threats from around the world. Pressure was put on us by our bulk text messaging provider because mobile carriers around the world were complaining that they were responsible for thousands of spoofed SMS messages. The plug was pulled and we were forced to stop offering our SMS spoofing service. In a matter of days over 250,000 people had visited this site and over 25,000 users from around the world, mostly in Europe (specifically the Czech Republic, where we were prominently featured by the media), had signed up for our service.


This website has pretty much been abandoned until we decided to turn this site into an information site in June 2008! Now we're back and ready to share some of our knowledge on SMS spoofing around the world.


About SMS Spoofing and How it's Done

Nowadays SMS spoofing is not as easy as it used to be back when we first opened this site. Bulk text messaging carriers, who typically enabled their customers to set their number A.K.A. Sender ID, now feel the need to police their services and restrict their customers from using this feature. An example would be Clickatell. Clickatell is one of the worlds largest bulk SMS providers and their customers probably send millions of text messages a day through their services. To avoid any legal issues with the mobile carriers, Clickatell now restricts the use of the Sender ID so people cannot spoof SMS with any name or number they choose, even though setting your reply address may be a crucial need and is a very fundamental feature of sending SMS messages. Clickatell probably lets certain users set the Sender ID, for obvious reasons, but its not as easy as it was years ago. There are still bulk text messaging providers out there that will allow you to spoof text messages with any name or number, you just have to search around to find them and even demo their services to see if its an unmentioned feature!


SMS spoofing works around the world on almost every mobile network as far as we know. Europe and Australia are two of the easiest places to spoof SMS messages to. The United States is probably the most difficult to spoof text messages to from our tests. We've never seen a spoofed SMS properly go through to a mobile phone in the US or Canada. We're not sure of the technical reasons for this, but the carriers seem to have set themselves up in a way to avoid this. If you want to send a spoofed SMS message to the US, you'll have to settle on using an anonymous text messaging website instead, along with a web proxy, to send your messages anonymously. A site that allows you to spoof text messages in the United States would be a huge service but would probably not last to long and the carriers would be able to suppress it, unlike Caller ID spoofing in the US.


SpoofCard.com, however, is attempting to be the first service to commercialize text message spoofing in the US, with the service going live in 2011.


SpoofTexting.com has also released an iPhone app in the jailbreak App Store, Cydia, under the name SpoofTexting which also spoofs text messages to all the carriers in the USA.


The Legality of SMS Spoofing

The legality of SMS spoofing has been brought to our attention numerous times. We have heard that a lot of countries across Europe and Asia have actually passed laws making it illegal to spoof text messages. Unfortunately, we're not sure of the details and specifically which countries have made this illegal, but we're doing research and hope to have more info soon. We are confident that text message spoofing is NOT illegal under any existing laws in the United States.


Sites That Offer Text Message Spoofing

Here are some sites that have, or currently do, offer SMS spoofing services:


SMS Spoofing - http://www.smsspoofing.com

SpoofCard (New for 2011) - http://www.spoofcard.com

SpoofTexting - http://www.spooftexting.com

Fake My Text - http://www.fakemytext.com
The SMS Zone - http://www.thesmszone.com